January 28, 2009


My first OB appointment was today. It was a long but exciting day at the doctor's office for us. We started out waiting for an hour before being called back and then we met with a couple of different nurses about insurance, medical history, etc. After that, I went in to be examined by the doctor. Then we were sent downstairs to the lab. Anyone that knows me knows that I have an extreme fear of needles and freak out whenever I know I have to get stuck. I can handle (sometimes) the prick in the finger but when they actually have to go in and find a vein...not so much! As usual, I told the nurse that is pretty impossible to find a vein in my arm and she would have better luck in my hand but since I am not a nurse, she pretty much ignored me. After poking me in the arm and missing, another nurse came in and got it from the top of my hand. The next thing I remember is waking up and there was another older nurse in there and some guy from the lab giving me orange juice and wet paper towels. Buck told me I passed out and they pulled the help chain. I told them I didn’t do well with needles! After all of that, we went back upstairs and got to see our baby. We got to hear the heartbeat which was amazing. It was 133 beats per minute. Buck just grinned the whole time. Actually he started grinning on January 20 when I told him I was pregnant and hasn’t stopped yet. It is pretty cute!

We got a few pictures but the baby is not much bigger than a blueberry right now. Right now the doctor said everything was on track and looked good. My due date is September 16 by the doctor and the ultrasound measured it to be September 15. Either way it is going to be a long HOT summer! I go back in four weeks on February 25 for my next checkup.

January 21, 2009


It has been way too long since I wrote anything but I have a really good excuse! First of all we have been pretty busy getting the flowershop ready for Valentine's day so that takes a lot of my free time and also at work I have Court coming up so that keeps me running. In addition to all of that, we just found out that we're....

January 9, 2009


I know Christmas is over but since I am finishing up packing all my decorations I thought I would post some of my pictures that didn't get posted earlier.

This is the centerpiece on my table in the kitchen.

This is a plate my mom bought me that sits on top of my fridge.

This sits in my kitchen window over my sink. The picture is of my nephew Jackson. Isn't he adorable!

January 7, 2009

Long week!

I know it is only Wednesday but this has been the longest week ever. I had almost two weeks off for the Christmas/New Years holidays and this is my first full week back to work. It has been so long already!

I worked last Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the flower shop with mom getting things cleaned up and organized for Valentine's day. The day after Christmas we have to take all of the decorations down and start preparing for Valentine's day. We always use this time to kind of "spring clean" the shop. It helps to have everything totally cleaned, regrouped and in order before the weeks leading up to Valentine's day. It gets really hectic.

In addition to all of that, I somehow have to find the time to finish taking down my Christmas decorations at home. I have gotten a lot done but all the boxes are just sitting in our extra den waiting to be finished up and packed away for another year. I like to take everything down and repack it grouped by room instead of just throwing in into a box. It makes it so much easier to put back up the next year. I also spring clean my house after taking down Christmas. It makes January much more tolerable because the house always looks so empty after taking down Christmas decorations and a good deep cleaning at least makes it feel better around here. Then closer to the end of January I get to decorate for Valentine's day at home! I am wanting to do a new wreath for my porch and something to go by my front door but not really sure yet. I am still looking for some ideas.

Oh well, I am off to balance the checkbooks and such...what fun I have on the week nights!

January 5, 2009


My new phone came in so I will be occupied for a little while!!!!!!!

I am sooooooooo excited!

I am such a dork...

January 2, 2009

Better luck next year...

Well we just finished watching the Sugar Bowl. It pretty much sucked. I really think we could have played better and I wish we could have ended the year with a win but hopefully we will come back a stronger team next year and maybe even come out with a National Championship! We shall see...

January 1, 2009

It's 2009!