July 8, 2009


Today was my 30 week appointment. From here on out I will be going every two weeks. Everything looked great today (blood, urine, etc). I had only gained a couple more pounds so I am still pleased with my overall weight. His heartbeat was 152. He was very active this morning and even kicked the doppler while the nurse was trying to get his heartbeat. They didn't tell me until half way through the appointment that I had to give blood again. Not just a prick either! Thank goodness my mom went with me today. This time the nurse listened and took it out of my hand the first time. I was still a baby about it but at least I didn't pass out this time. I go back in two weeks and I moved my appointments to Fridays instead of Wednesdays so that now every other week I can have a three day weekend. He also said that at week 36 he would start checking me for dilation. We asked him today about setting an induction date and he said that as long as he didn't think he needed to take him earlier that would he put in my chart that I wanted to be induced on September 9th. I really hope he holds out until then.

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