June 25, 2009

28w1d and 4D ultrasound

Yesterday I had my 28w1d checkup and we also got to do our 4D ultrasound. I finally got to see my little man! Buck, my mom and his mom all went with me and it was such a fun appointment. We went straight back for the ultrasound first. Silas had his knees pulled up to his face and just balled up. He was determined we were not going to see his face. We took several pictures and of course I had to get a shot of his boy parts again just to make sure! We are definitely having a little boy! After a while the nurse told us that after my appointment with the doctor we could come back in and try to get some better pictures of his face.

My appointment went great. I had gained 5 more pounds. My blood pressure, urine and all that good stuff was great. They did check my iron again to see if it was coming up and it was. I was at 10.4 and my doctor was pleased it was coming up. He still wants me to take the iron pills so it looks like I will be on those until Silas gets here. He also moved me to coming every two weeks.

After I met with the doctor, we went back into the ultrasound room. He had stretched out just a little but not much. We did get some really cute pictures of his face. His heart beat was 144 and he weighs 3lbs 1oz. We looked at baby pictures of me and Buck once we got home and Silas looks just like his daddy! They have the same chin, nose, eyes, lips, everything! After seeing these pictures now I am more ready than ever for him to be here!

The first picture is of him balled up. The others are just some cute shots we got. We ended up with over 40 pictures but I just posted a few.

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Lacey said...

awww...I'm so glad I asked about blogs! I'm happy I got to see these!